Time Management

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. Time is a crucial entity in the lives of all professions, be it a doctor or an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has to jump between tasks, hop on calls, attend events and be extra careful about each decision made for the business. Managing time is an invaluable skill and is extremely rewarding in the long run. Breaking down activities into simpler problems and then attending them makes the process faster, simpler and more engaging. Creating a prioritization system helps in the management of both time and resources. This practice gains momentum later in time for long term activities. No matter how efficient you are, there is always room for some improvement. For an entrepreneur, learning is a process that never ends. It’s always a wise decision to sharpen one’s axe regularly. While sharping the axe, it’s also important to take regular breaks to refresh the mind’s buffer and let the new ideas to flow in. Time is a critical factor for all professions and its management is a skill that must be inculcated for the growth of the individual and the society.


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