Building capital is a never-ending struggle for entrepreneurs, new, budding and established ones alike. New and budding ones require the capital to start their venture and to put themselves on the map while established ones require it more for growth and maintaining their progress. There are several ways to raise funds for your venture but it would be highly recommended to finance it yourself (bootstrapping) or as much of it as possible. Traditional bank loans, family, friends, Kickstarter campaigns (crowdfunding) are just some of the ways to go about overcoming this struggle. It would be suggested to look into government programs as well, as there are several schemes available to support entrepreneurs and businessmen. Another way to finance your venture is to find your angel; to go about this you must first prepare a captivating presentation, a business plan, and a list of potential angel investors. Financial capital is important for growth but so is social capital. It would be suggested to have multiple active social media pages, engage your friends and followers, establish your product, sponsor events, build trust and get creative. Invest in your core demographic and if your product is up to trend word-of-mouth alone will help you grow exponentially.


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